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I’ve tried to dance around health and wellness with kid gloves and to be honest, I am doing a dis-service to both you and me.
A little disclaimer: my energy surrounding this post is  fueled with furry and fire – is meant to inspire, motivate, and push you to finally take action for all of the changes you have been scared to make.  


So here it is… A non-sugar coated approach to health and wellness.  You can agree to disagree with what I am about to say, stop following me, or love what I am saying and sign up for my newsletters.  Either way, as long as it makes you think about the areas you have been playing it small with your health and wellness than I have done my job.

In life we always have two options: take action or to sit around and bitch.  Raise your hand if you are the latter of the two.  My gut feeling would be that you are more content and comfortable to whine, bitch, and complain than to get off your ass and do what you deeply desire. That’s why there is only 2% of the population doing what they dream of!

I can say this, because I was that girl.  I miserable in my twenties; negativity and jealously flowed like a river and I would make snide comments about the gym go-ers, green smoothie drinkers, and the self help readers.  My two blocks were that I believed genetics had everything to do with my weight and my mindset didn’t need adjusting! – What a load of crap I was spoon feeding myself!  At 213 pounds, the last thing I had room to do is judge or ignore self help books.

Reality set in on the floor of my closest during a non-sugar coated conversation with myself. In that moment I had to take action rather than sit around, bitch and complain. My only regret or wish is that someone would have had the “balls” to be as blunt and honest with me as I am being with each of you, my readers and followers.  Would it sting and hurt like hell?…. I wouldn’t expect anything less,  but it have made me move my ass much sooner!

My intention is not to be harsh, ignore your emotions/feelings, or to make anyone upset or feel bad about themselves. Instead use this post as fuel to address the areas of your life that you have been sugar coating your reality and take the necessary action for change.

Here are the facts, I was FAT, OBESE, and digging my grave with my fork and spoon. I sat on the sidelines as I watched the strongest, most courageous, and bravest women in my life have her zest for life stripped from away in a decade or longer fight with diabetes. The doctors suggested that she cut out of all the crap from her diet and she did without hesitation and never skipped a beat.  When the odds were stacked against her – she ordered a prosthetic leg and vowed to walk away.  She never once blamed anyone or asked why this happened to her.  Where the courage came from everyday to continue living life to the fullest when she was facing an uphill battle – I’ll never know.

While she was fighting for her life – I was literally, killing myself slowly. My food choices were less than stellar and any form of movement was non-existent, and my mental state of mind… let’s sum it up as raging bitch.  I made excuses that my business that lead me down this road and to a point, I would say that it was true. Though, I had a choice to make and I made the wrong one.

As I watched my grandmother attend three weekly dialysis appointments a week, I ate cookies, cake, drank sodas, and was clearly unhealthy.  When she lost her ability to fight and her body gave out on her, I started to make subtle shifts. I had to loose someone in my life to make a drastic change?! SERIOUSLY!  That is pretty f’d up!  Yet, we can all pull from a personal story that has shaken us to the core and resulted in a drastic change in our lives.  My question is WHY?  Why does it have to get to this point?  Why can’t we make a choice in this very moment to change our future before we are faced with a do or die scenario?!

I have nine ladies that I am coaching privately from all walks of life making this BIG, SCARY changes and you know what… they are living to tell the tale. They aren’t tucked away at a wellness resort having massages, professional chef catered meals, or 5 hour workout sessions.  They are real women, getting really honest with themselves!  As I am writing this blog one of these incredible ladies (a momma of two, wife, and small business owner) called to share a bit of good news. She is down 15 pounds in 4 – 5 weeks.  What did she do? She got off the couch and stop sugar coating her reality.  She is made a CHOICE or two: daily workouts became a requirement, meal prep is key to her success, and self care is now back on her to do list. She isn’t checking out while the family suffers – she is living her life with a few modifications based on a CHOICE that she made.

Before you start to go on a tangent about how easy it is for me to say this or it must be nice.  Allow me to share this.  It is nice and it is easy because I REQUIRE and DESIRE this lifestyle.  I no longer spend countless hours in the evening watching tv, my meal prep is done once a week, and I spend at most thirty minutes a night heating/cooking dinner.  I don’t have endless resources of cash or a personal trainer.  What I do have is the ability to make a CHOICE that supports the desires and requirements I have set for myself.

Moving forward this space, because I own it, believe in it, and live it won’t be filled with candy coated ideas, suggestions, or thoughts.  The sugar coating is gone!  It’s time to get real and have honest conversations about health and wellness.  Conversations that might damn well save your life.

Subscribe, unsubscribe – personally I don’t care either way – YOU have the power to make a CHOICE! 


Enjoy that last bit of candy coating because from here on out – we are going sugar free.



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Ever notice when you set amazing intentions for yourself; from following a meal and workout plan life spins you in a different direction out of the blue?  Being knocked out of alignment is inevitable and happens to the best of us.  Over the past few years I have learned to recognize two types of feelings that I need to nourish in order to feel re-aligned.  It’s either GUT-related or RESISTANCE.   Both, are incredibly similar and for a long time I was unaware of the difference. Thankfully, I’ve learned to look at these feelings on a deeper level and determine which of the two categories they fall into.

GUT-related feelings come into question when you are pushing toward your goals, but something feels completely off and simply not right.  Sometimes, we need to let go of a person, idea, business, or plan because it doesn’t align with us on a deeper level – from within the gut or soul.  When trying to cling onto what we thought we wanted/desired initially so tightly we begin to lose ourselves. Often we associate the idea of fear in disappointing others or more importantly ourselves with a reason to cling so tightly to why we initially chose this direction.  By acknowledging, honoring, and letting go of the situation that has made us do a “gut check” we feel whole, at peace, and a sense of ease comes over us.  In that moment, we can feel and recognize that we have made the correct decision.

RESISTANCE is a completely different animal and can be much harder to detect.  Unlike GUT-related feelings, RESISTANCE is something that we try to push away, but deep down inside we know “If you want to get to the castle, you’ve got to swim the moat.” – Eat Pray Love   We often resist completing a course, reviewing our finances, finishing a book, avoid a particularly difficult conversation, or removing ourselves from a situation all together.  The resistance you are feeling is completely normal, but necessary for acknowledge and take action in order to grow and move in the direction of our desires.  Similar to letting go when our gut doesn’t feel right, pushing through the RESISTANCE can provide a  sense of peace, comfort, and ease.

How we handle our thoughts, actions, and emotions when we are thrown off of alignment is critical to our emotional and mental health.  First you need to determine if you are have a GUT- related feelings or a RESISTANCE struggle.  Both can be solved using the suggestions below, but unless you are able to recognize the type of feelings you are experiencing, it can be a challenge to get to the root of the problem.







 A few tips for re-aligning yourself and learning how to determine if you are experiencing GUT-related feelings or RESISTANCE:

1) Turn inward and be quite.  Allow your mind to be still, quite, and process your feelings and emotions. Do not force this step!  

2) Ultimately step #1 will lead you to the root of the problem.  

3) Put pen to paper and answer the following questions:

 Is this situation, problem, or challenge causing me to resist moving forward or truly does not sit right with me deep in my soul?
Is my resistance fear related? Lack of knowledge, support? Fear of being rejected?  Fear of being alienated for thinking differently?
What is it about the situation, problem, or challenge makes me feel uneasy or feeling like I need to jump ship.

4) There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to determining your course of action. Each and everyone of us has a different tolerance for risk, what we are willing to accept or “put up with”. By understanding the type of feelings or misalignment you are experiencing will help determine your outcome and the direction to go moving forward.

5) Do not over-think the process of putting pen to paper – use the same concept as morning pages to allow your feelings and thoughts to flow freely. You’ll be amazing at how much clearer your decision becomes once you determine the source. 

6) Allow yourself the permission to make adjustments without judgement. 









LOVE What Amandais sharing-

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//Personal Story//

I strive to keep myself in an upbeat, positive, and energetic mood most days, some are a bit tougher than others.  Without going into detail the past few days have been a bit of a struggle. A situation was brought to my attention that has put me in a major funk.  In doing my best to not let this situation damper my vibe today was too much to take on.  In honoring my defeat I treated myself to a cheat meal.  This is something that I rarely do as a reward let alone to acknowledge negativity.  

But, if I am being completely transparent, the cheat meal was exactly what I needed.  There is no justification that needs to be made, it was what is was and that’s it.  Going into this “cheat meal” lunch I mentally prepared and made the conscious decision that once we left the restaurant the feeling would not linger and dinner would be back on point.  No excuses, no babying myself, or groveling any longer.  If the decision for this slight detour wasn’t calculated and well executed it could have very well turned into a cheat day, week, or month. 

the (1)PINWORTHYCheat meals are completely necessary for success when making improvements to ones health and wellness.  However; cheat days, weeks, and months are not.  Cheat meals can be a slippery slope that if not recognized have the potential to turn into something much worse – a day, week, or month of binge eating. 

To add- weekly cheat meals (in my opinion) when starting the first few weeks or months of a new lifestyle change are potentially harmful to your success.  Why?  Because you aren’t allowing the body to fully recover from all of the years of damage you have done to it.  The same can be said for those who set out to change their lifestyle and within a week they give up because it “isn’t working”  (an insider secret – you can’t fix years of poor choices and lack of movement in a day, week, or month!) 

Here is a list of creative non-food related ways to reward yourself:

  • Mani/Pedi
  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Mini makeover 
  • New hair cut
  • New sneakers
  • New book 
  • Trip to the movies (skip the concession stand!)
  • Read a gossip magazine
  • Re-watch a chick flick you’ve seen a million times

And, if I am dishing out the tough love to myself, I should share it with the interweb:  You know what ice cream, cupcakes, sugary shit, and carbs taste like.  That’s what got you here in the first place – so if you want to repeat what hasn’t been working by all means repeat the cycle. Harsh, I know… but we often do this and expect different results time and time again!

My two cents on CHEAT DAYS!  EARN THEM!  Train for an ironman/ironwomen, marathon, tough mudder, spartan race, or the crossfit games.  Go out, accomplish what you set your mind too, and then by all means, REWARD YOURSELF WITH A CHEAT DAY, hell yeah.. you’ve earned it!  


LOVE What Amandais sharing-


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Superbowl Sunday is exactly one week away and it’s the potential make it or break it day for most diet related resolutions!  I’ve witnessed way too many people who set their new years resolutions to lose weight and on Superbowl Sunday all is forgotten.  A handful of this a bite of that and a scoop of this is all it takes to throw all of your hard work down the drain. Just in case you end up having a little too much fun watching Tom Brady and the Pat’s take on Sherman and the Seahawks – you can join me Monday for the 14 DAY SHRED


I am hosting a FREE 14 DAY SHRED complete with meal plans, guides, and more! 



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As the snow is beautifully falling outside my office window I am sipping on a warm cup of turmeric milk.  Each sip warms my body and is also helping prevent cold season from slowing me down.

If you are unsure of what Turmeric Milk is all about – allow me to give a crash course on this wonderful, natural spice that is available at any grocery store or herb shop.

A list of reasons to fall in love with Turmeric Milk

  • Turmeric milk contains anti-microbials which attack both bacterial and viral infections.  Heat from the spice helps treat illnesses related to the respiratory system.   Additionally a cup of Turmeric Milk provides quick relief from lung congestion, sinuses, and also is used for curing  asthma and bronchitis.
  • One of the best remedies for the cough and cold – providing relief to a sore throat, cough, and cold.
  • Those suffering from swelling related to rheumatoid arthritis should consider adding Turmeric milk to their daily diet.  Aids in muscle and joint flexibility by reducing pain
  • Strengthens the spine and joints in the body.
  • Fight free radicals in your body with all of the amazing antioxidants in Turmeric milk
  • Ayurvedic traditions consider turmeric milk as a blood purifier and cleanser – boosting blood circulation in your body. Additionally, turmeric acts as a blood thinner that cleanses the lymphatic system and blood vessels from all impurities.
  • Naturally detoxes and boosts liver function
  • An incredibly powerful antiseptic in promoting intestinal health, treats stomach ulcers and colitis.  Provides improvements to overall digestive health prevents ulcers, diarrhea, and indigestion
  • Turmeric milk is an antispasmodic (a drug/herb that aids in suppressing muscle spasms) which eases menstrual cramps.  Also a fantastic option for pregnant women who are looking to ease delivery, post partum recovery, improved lactation, and faster contraction of ovaries.
  • Turmeric Milk helps breakdown your dietary fat
  • Struggling to sleep?  Warm turmeric milk induces peaceful and blissful sleep thanks to amino acids and tryptophan.

It’s a BEAUTY SECRET too!!

Cleopatra would bathe in turmeric milk leaving her skin soft, supple, and glowing.  By drinking turmeric milk you will also notice glowing skin.  If you suffer from rashes or red patchy skin – soak a cotton ball in turmeric milk and apply to the affected area for about 15 minutes. Your skin will appear more radiant and glowing before.






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