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Avocados have become a staple in the Kraft-McGary household!  We also use avocados for our southwestern inspired breakfasts, deviled eggs, and of course for taco night!  Yet, the idea of using an avocado to make pudding was a hard sell.  This week Patrick and I were more like ships in the night passing and with plenty of tv shows to catch up on, I found myself looking for an after-dinner treat.  After reading rave reviews for several chocolate avocado pudding/mousse recipes and having two ripe avocados – it was the perfect time to give this a try!

I was admittedly skeptical that this concoction would taste anything like chocolate pudding, but I am happy to report the recipe reminded me of one of my childhood lunchtime favorites – a chocolate snack pack!

creamy chocolate avocado pudding |


Edit to Add:  My husband is a true believer of this recipe and now has the guys at his office intrigued as well.  Looks like I’ll be making a large batch to share! 



Last week I ventured to the Northwest and found myself in Portland.  Oregon is an incredible state with the most amazing clean, fresh air that I have ever been in.  I wanted to bottle up the air and bring it home.  There wasn’t a time that I stepped outside that I didn’t make a reference to how lovely the air was/is.   While, I was in town for a week – it felt like a whirlwind and I am finally over a combination of jet lag and exhaustion from running at a high frequency for 6 days in a row.   While, traveling I “tried” to be as paleo as possible, yet ended up giving into temptation rather quickly.  If you’ve been to VooDoo Donuts – you’ll understand.  However, there were two strips of bacon on my donut so that has to count for something, right? 

The purpose of my trip was to help a fellow photographer at her studio launch party, explore the northwest, and decompress before starting my latest adventure (but, more on that later!) Tuesday and Wednesday, were spent exploring Portland and all of the fun districts!  There was plenty of shopping and eating to be enjoyed! A point of interest for me was visit the Cultured Caveman – a paleo only restaurant with a few food carts and a brick and mortar location.  Hands down the best ice cream that I have ever had courtesy of the famous Salt and Straw.  Sadly, you can’t see the insane view of downtown Portland and the mountain ranges in this attempt of a selfie. The beautiful blonde standing next to me is Kirstin – she is/was an awesome host and shared her city with me!  I can’t wait for her to come to the East Coast and visit Lancaster in the spring. I’ve come to love spending time in bookstores and Powells was perfect spot to explore on a rainy afternoon.    On Thursday evening my dear friend and fellow photographer, Kirstin opened her studio space within the Towne Storage building.  Towne Storage is one of the coolest artist co-ops that I’ve been in and the creativity is infectious in her building.  Kirstin photographs women of all ages as well as documents her travels.  Check out her work here! After the success of Kirstin’s party the night before we had a slow start to our day on Friday.  She took to me the Multnomah Falls to explore the beauty of the Portland.  Sadly, my week came to an end and I found myself back on a plane early Saturday morning.   All of the images within this post were taken with my iPhone and processed using VSCOcam Kirstin’s Website for Astrid Images – Women’s Portrait Photography in Portland, Oregon  VooDoo Donuts – 24 hours and worth the wait!  Salt and Straw- Get yourself a scoop or two of their handspun ice cream next time you visit  Cultured Caveman – If your new to paleo or thinking of going paleo – I highly recommend you stop by, the food was incredible and the bacon wrapped dates are worth the 3000 mile trek!