Did I build this ship to wreck?

Did I build this business to wreck? 

Yes, I did, unknowingly.

There is no denying my LOVE for Florence and the Machine.  If I could only go to one concert for the rest of my life it would be to see Flo (as I like to call her!) 

Okay, back to topic.  

When I heard the lyrics to her latest song, I was gut punched because it summed up how I felt about my photography business.  Did I build this business to wreck? 

Yes, I did, unknowingly.  

I wrecked my photography business when I let it consume me instead of pulling back before hitting rock bottom.  Rock bottom happened on the floor of my walk-in closet. surrounded by clothing that no longer fit, along with being mentally, physically, and creatively spent. I had build my "ship" from the ground up, but ended up running it ashore when the captain (ME) went overboard.  

As creatives/coaches we are selfless; giving so much of ourselves to our clients often without even realizing it.  We give up holidays, weekends, evenings, miss family events, let our health and wellness fall to the wayside, and all for the love of our craft.  That is, until we are shipwrecked. 

I'd be shocked if I was the only one feeling this way, but I know I'm not.  We try to put on a brave face, because who wants to hear the nitty gritty.  We plaster on a smile and opt for the new standard "I'm crazy busy".  

What if you were able to steer your ship again, come out of the fog and find yourself running your business instead of your business running you.  Well, I have a solution for you....I am launching a holistic health, wellness, and wealth coaching program specifically for creatives. 

All me to introduce Stop Editing Start Living.  I'll be coaching creatives (photographers, designers, coaches, event planners, basically any creative) who is finding themselves in a power struggle between life and work.  All of the coaching that I will be offering is designed specifically to your unique challenges and based around your goals. 

This program was inspired by my own four year journey from rock bottom to find myself in my business/life again.  I understand first hand what it takes to juggle a full time business with keeping your sanity and not losing yourself.  Granted, I had to hit rock bottom to discover this, but now I am on a quest to help as many creatives avoid making the same mistakes and wrecking their "ship". 

Are you ready to STOP EDITING AND START LIVING?  Let's schedule a time to chat, you'll get a taste of what it's like to work with a coach, determine if I am a good fit for you, and quite honestly if you are a good fit for me.  Due to the personalized nature of this level of coaching it's important to make sure that everyone comes to the table with a clear understand of what the desired outcome is.  Click here to schedule a call with me!  

"You're thin now, so you don't understand the struggle anymore..."

Oh baby, you are so wrong.  

Every once in awhile clients or friends with say this to me.  It's almost like people expect me to forget what it was like to be overweight and by true medical standards, I still am. While I might not look like the overweight girl from my past, I sure as hell haven't forgotten how hard I had to fight to no longer be her. 

Even now, I fight a tough battle to lose a few ounces let alone a pound per week.  So, the struggles you're facing, I am too.  

However, thanks to consistency and determination I've found eating well and going to the gym as a form of therapy instead of something to be dreaded.  

Working with coaches, trainers, and surrounding myself with others in the health & wellness industry have helped me stay focused and working toward my goals.  As a health coach and personal trainer, this is exactly what I do for my clients.  In fact, if I could move in, cook for you, and be there for each workout I totally would.  That's how dedicated I am to helping each and every client (weight loss, creatives, or personal training) not only reach, but exceed their goals.  

There are mornings that I dread my 20 - 30 minutes of cardio or wish that my workout partners would bail on me for an extra hour of sleep, but I know the moment that I give myself a way out, I'll take it too far.  

Just know that you aren't alone in your journey and if you feel alone, reach out for support! Seek support from your family, friends, hire a coach/trainer (yours truly is available for coaching, and join my free Facebook accountability, support, motivation group!  

Planning Workouts and Meal Prep

You've scheduled all of the "stuff" for everyone else, now it is time to schedule time for you.

Look over your weekly calendar and look for chunks of time that can be used for a workout or meal prep.  Can you trade an hour of mindless tv watching for a workout?  Is there an odd time between work and an evening event that you could squeeze in a 45 minute workout?  Or can you pack a change of clothes/sneakers to walk the steps of a stadium or track instead of running home between your kids sports practice start and end time?   

If I am being 100% honest with you... you need both movement and eating well to achieve your health and wellness goals.  You can't out train a bad diet and it's going to be hard to see your abs if you don't move your body.  So saying that you "don't have time" is saying that you don't see value in becoming healthy.  

 A lot of people view going to the gym or working out in general as a form of torture, but I can tell you from first hand experience that the gym is my form of sanity.  Call up anyone of my girlfriends and they can tell instantly if I have worked out or not.  I am super moody if I go a day or two without a workout and worse is if I've failed to meal prep! 

A misconception is that you need to spend hours in the gym to get results... so not true.  A higher intensity cardio session of 20 - 30 minutes will do more for your body than an hour long lower intensity cardio session. 

Another great way to eliminate the stress of a busy work day or feeling a little less than motivated is to get into the gym and lift weights.  Ladies, you aren't going to become bulky!  TRUST ME. It won't happen, what will happen is you will blow off steam, create definition in your arms, legs, shoulders, and back, and feel much better (mentally, emotionally, and physically) once you walk out the gym than when you walked in. You can fit in a bit of cardio and lifting within a 45 - 60 minute timespan. 

As for meal prep. Here is my big rule!  Pick one day a week to carve out 2 - 3 hours and meal prep at one shot.  This will save you so much time during a hectic work week.  Who wants to come home a 5pm and whip up dinner for a hungry family?  What if all of you had to do was reheat your meal, prep a small salad, and have dinner on the table in 15 - 20 minutes tops wouldn't that be a much easier?  This would cut out all of the trips to fast food or dining out, plus you could enjoy an actual sit down meal with you family and converse instead of being distracted by the environment around you.  Plus... you'll shrink your waistline and bulk your bank account. 

None of this will work unless you carve out time and write it in your calendar.  This will take effort on your part to consistently schedule in workouts, grocery shopping, and meal prep.  Treat your workouts and meal preps like you are meeting with the CEO of your company, because you are!  Tasks that are written down daily are done more often than those made up in our minds.  The act of physically writing down WORKOUT or MEAL PREP will more than likely be accomplished than simply talking about it. 

How to trouble shoot a jam packed schedule: 

  • Look for ways to combo a workout with a to do list task: ex) can you do 30 minutes of moderate cardio while listening to a conference call that you need to be one? 
  • Can you skip watching your favorite tv show "live" and catch it the following morning by getting up earlier to make it to the gym before your day starts? 
  • Can you combo dropping your kiddo's off a practice/rehearsal and walk the track, run stadium steps, or find a nearby gym to visit? 
  • Missing a bit of family togetherness? Ask your kids/spouse to help you meal prep and teach your kids the importance of making wise food choices

How do you plan to "sneak" meal prep and workouts into your upcoming week? 

Planning with ease


Yesterday, I talked about the cardinal rule of health and wellness and today I want to help you ease into the process of planning.  Planning is literally the cornerstone for success in your health and wellness, but also in life.  I can't stress this enough. 

In the post from yesterday, I suggested that you decide between digitally planning or pen and paper planning.  For me, pen and paper wins hands down.  I love the ability to have my planner at my finger tips, making notes on the fly, and crossing items off my to do list AND being disconnected from the computer or my phone as much as possible! 

The very first thing I do at the start of the calendar year is to make a make a running list of important dates that can't be missed.  If you are new to planning or haven't updated your calendar in awhile go ahead and create a list of the following:  

  • Annual family vacations
  • Start/End of school
  • Course assignments/finals/deadlines
  • Holidays 
  • Conferences/Retreats/Workshops/Concerts
  • Projects or Events you've been contracted for 
  • Birthdays
  • Work/Job Obligations
  • Tough Mudders/Color Runs/Yoga Events, etc. 
  • Annual appointments (don't forget about the pets!)

Once you have outlined any and all important dates add these dates to your calendar.  By putting these dates in first, you'll be able to easily design your weeks and months to accommodate those events. 

If you host weekly events at your home; dinner clubs, football parties, movie night or date night be sure to add the this to your calendar.  

Side Note: For my fellow creatives who are looking to reclaim a bit of control in their business/life power struggle I highly recommend that you start to manage your calendar instead of your calendar managing you. I'll be discussing a way to keep your sanity in an upcoming post and fill the dates on your calendar with ease! 

Now that you've filled your calendar with the BIG yearly events, go ahead and create your daily/weekly schedule: 

  • work schedule
  • kid's school and after school activities
  • appointments
  • Once your week is designed it will be easier to find chunks of time to squeeze in a workout or meal prep.   Both of which are necessary for your sanity and success in your health and wellness journey.  

Another side note: Since, I've started to use planner on a daily basis I am finding more time in my schedule to be productive in reaching other personal goals.  I used to fill my time with social media and excessive pinterest scrolling, instead that time has been used to meal prep, add a few extra minutes to my workout, or read a personal development book. 

Tomorrow, I will be discussing WHY it is so important to plan ahead when it comes to setting health and wellness goals and how to do so in a way that isn't overwhelming or time consuming. 

The cardinal rule of health and wellness


It's really not that difficult to plan out our day to day life these days.  In fact, you can get your day dialed into a minute by minute playbook if you are that OCD. But, in all seriousness the reason that most fail on a "diet" or "workout program" is because of their lack of planning. 

You'll have those who say, that isn't living life or being spontaneous and from me get a loud sigh and an eye roll.  I get it, who doesn't love to grab lunch with a friend unexpectedly or skip a workout in favor of date night, but in reality we've let ourselves off the hook when it comes to getting "our shit" together.

Ask any celebrity, musician, or athlete the key to their success and you'll find that planning had something to do with it. 

When you create a plan you are actively working toward not only reaching, but exceeding your goals.  Every goal that has ever been set has needed a plan to be followed in order for it to be achieved, so why not do the same for your health and wellness?

So... the million dollar question... HOW DO I PLAN?

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing my tips and tricks for setting yourself up for success with you health and wellness by creating plans.  Now, these aren't in stone, set for life plans, but it's better than nothing.

  • Step 1: Is to look at your current weekly, monthly, and yearly planning system and determine if it is working? Isn't working? and how you can improve it.  Post-it notes, scraps of paper, and a mental "to do list" doesn't count. 
  • Step 2: Is to determine if you are a digital or paper planner
  • Step 3: Carve out 30 minutes of your day to work on a plan for next week.

I'm a sharing a sneak peek look into my day planner/wallet below - check back tomorrow for the first getting started post

Planner shown: Webster Pages Color Crush planner in the personal size. 



I've never been two things... one to play by the rules or not speak my mind.  For months upon months, a post like this has been brewing and I haven't felt comfortable in sharing it.   But, there comes a point in ones life when you just need to say FUCK IT

For the past three years I have been "following" the rules, playing it safe, and hurting myself along the way.  No physical harm has been done, but emotionally and mentally I've done enough crying and overthinking.  You see, I built a business from the ground up with blood, sweat, and tears and thought it would be my life's work.  Hell, both my parents have worked at their respective companies for over 15+ and 40+ years, both grandfather's retired from lengthy careers, so it would stand to reason I would follow suit.  Well, fuck it, I am throwing out the rule book and doing shit my way. 

When I fell into health and wellness I was at rock bottom.  Literally, there was no where else for me to go.  Okay, I could have ended up divorced (oh wait, that almost happened), broke (oh yeah, that too almost happened), and unhappy (which was happening no matter what I did). Instead of following what was expected, profitable, or smart - I put everything that didn't revolve around working out and eating well at the bottom of my to do list.

In doing so, I've lost over 60 pounds, plenty of inches, let go of a career that no longer serves me, became a certified holistic health coach and a personal trainer.  HOW did this happen? Because I mustered up the courage to say FUCK IT. 

Where my story goes from here is unknown.  But what I do know is that I am stronger for walking away from what no longer served me than staying where I was out of fear.