Are you sick and tired of a closet filled with dark clothing, opting for the back row of family photos and trying to camouflage your weight gain with an oversized handbag?  

(been there, done that!) 


When I sat down to create a signature coaching program I didn't want it to be complicated, labor intensive or filled with a lot of well... bullshit. After being a trial and error, quick fix, fad dieter for most of my life I knew that those options wouldn't provide lasting results and let's face it... the time is now to start feeling incredible in your skin and rocking a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and ... let's just say the only reason you'll be in the back row is if you show up late to the party.  


Below is an overview of how we would work together for 12 weeks of Private Coaching.  There is no right or wrong way to begin working with me as your coach and you are ready NOW, there is no need to put off connecting with me one more day.  Hard sell... nah, just the truth.  I can't tell you how many people told me that they convinced themselves they needed to lose 20 pounds before they stepped into the gym while I was personal training.  





Phase 1 : Sharing Your Story and Goal Setting (weeks 1 - 3) 

  • we'll review your health history to create baseline 
  • become crystal clear on your goals in order to create a realistic and actionable plan 
  • review your current diet and discuss any necessary adjustments/tweaks 
  • introduction of clean eating 
  • introduction of bulk meal prep & food journaling

Phase 2: Back to the Basics and Creating a New Foundation (weeks 4 - 6) 

  • we'll work on improving the quality of your diet
  • we'll explore the types of movement you are interested in trying 
  • discuss ways to manage hunger, tips and tricks for meal prep
  • the act of slowing down and being present

Phase 3: The Deep Dive (weeks 7 - 9)

  • linking how career, relationships, and spirituality play a role in your relationship with food
  • re-evaluate the Wheel of Life 
  • uncover the limiting beliefs you've been playing in your mind on repeat and create new beliefs that serve you instead

Phase 4: Feeling the Shift and Settling Into Your "NEW NORMAL" (weeks 10 - 12) 

  • new awareness to how your body responds when it's fueled properly
  • embracing movement that you love
  • embracing ah-ha moments as they unfold in front of you
  • discuss your feelings and emotions as you become closer to achieving your goals.

Your investment is $549. for 12 weeks of private coaching and more! 


  • you'll have access to suggested meal ideas, grocery lists, snack ideas, and a guide for stocking your pantry
  • a handful of quick guides/cheat sheets for understanding the low glycemic index, food combining, and more!  
  • a 14 day smoothie guide to kick start your mornings or use as a mid-day pick me up. 
  • a meal and fitness journal for tracking our 12 weeks together 
  • 10 meal prep containers and guidebook for making meal prep a breeze!
  • help in creating a plan of attack for incorporating movement into your life (at home workouts and/or gym workouts) 

CUSTOMIZATION: Due to our individual UNIQUENESS coaching structure is subject to change based on your needs and where you currently are on your journey.  



Together, we will plan a dream photo shoot to celebrate the brand new YOU!  We will discuss locations, wardrobe and more!  Your photo shoot experience will include a complete makeover with my hair and makeup team, a 3 hour photo shoot, multiple wardrobe changes and a beautiful legacy keepsake box filled with 20 beautifully digitally mounted photographs to document your incredible transformation!


 12 weeks of coaching plus a transformational photo shoot (in Amanda's Lancaster Pa Studio) complete with hair, makeup, wardrobe styling and a legacy keepsake box $2000.00  Destination and travel sessions available. 


ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION LIKE ERICA AND MICHELE DID? Of course you are! First things first,  let's schedule a time to chat one on one!  

We'll use this strategy session as a chance to get to know each other, discuss your goals, uncover what's holding you back from reaching your goals, and mostly importantly create a plan of action for making your goals a reality.  

Once you complete the form below, I'll be in contact with you to schedule your call over the phone. 

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