Instead of lengthy bio- I'll cut to the chase. 

In 2003, I created a boutique photography business that provided more success than I ever thought possible. By 2006; I had gained over 50+ pounds, found myself traveling about 36 weekends a year, and had adopted a carb-heavy diet washed down with sugar water (soda), and running on little to no sleep daily.  

This combination led me to an meltdown of epic proportions on the floor of my closet.  It was a "Come to Jesus" moment that something needed to change.  Sadly, another two years would roll on by before I had enough and reached out for help.  After mustering plenty of courage I walked my overweight ass into the gym.  In 12 weeks, I lost 20 pounds and it was the start of everything I wanted, but never knew I needed. 

In 2013, following my personal success in health and wellness I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified holistic health coach and most recently, became a certified personal trainer.  

When I am not at the gym, coaching clients, or designing workouts I am hanging out with my husband, our two great danes, and cooking.  Basically, I am living a dream wearing leggings and sneakers everyday helping others become happier and healthier one bite and step at a time! 

As for my uncensored approach to health and wellness... I truly believe that we have become a society of excuse makers who dream of living a healthier lifestyle, but when faced with the option to lose weight or keep "pinning" ideas we opt to pin more ideas rather than take action.  I won't sugar coat how I feel about what it takes to change your relationship with food, exercise, relationships, and spirituality.  And trust me, what I tell my clients is the same real talk I tell myself everyday!