First things first!  I am incredibly happy and honored to have this chance to work with you.  I know it takes risk and commitment to step forward with your time and energy, and I trust this will be a worthwhile experience to you.

Our time together will focus on the practical ways to make a difference in your own relationship with food and body.  I’ll be sharing with you many tools, insights, and strategies to open up new awareness, and inspire you to become your own health expert.

I encourage you to be real, honest, radically authentic, and to remember to laugh at yourself now and then during this process. Take risks…. and if you are feeling goofy, let that out, too!  Squeeze out everything you can possibly get from it, while feeding it all you can give.

Okay…. a few logistics to get you started.

THE FINE PRINT:  Please download and sign this agreement

PAYMENT:  If you haven't had a chance to finalize payment for your coaching program, please do so by clicking HERE!

SCHEDULING: We will have weekly 30 minute coaching calls.  Currently, I have availability on Monday's and Tuesday's from 10am until 1pm and some Sunday hours.  Please review your calendar and let me know which day and time might work best for you.  Let's plan to schedule 4 weeks at a time.  Please remember that these calls are non-negotiable and are not to be missed! 

TEXT AND EMAIL SUPPORT:   You are also more than welcome to reach out to me via email amandakraftwellness@gmail.com or via text 717-368-4638 (my accessible hours are normally from Noon until 8pm - please know that I do personal train M - F from 6am until noon, if you don't hear back from me during those hours, it's because I am in a training session!)

REFERRALS: If you have a friend or family member who might benefit from coaching as well, please send them my way.  My mission is to help as many women as I can to improve their lives through health and wellness

TOUGH LOVE: Like anything we do in life, the success we desire will come from the work that we do.  This process won't be easy, in fact there will be days that you want to curse my name and question why you enrolled in this program.  Other days will feel like you are floating on a cloud.  If you treat the process like a death sentence that is exactly what it will be.  Come into this with an open mind, willingness to try, and removing the word "CAN'T" from your vocabulary and you will see a transformation!