Oh baby, you are so wrong.  

Every once in awhile clients or friends with say this to me.  It's almost like people expect me to forget what it was like to be overweight and by true medical standards, I still am. While I might not look like the overweight girl from my past, I sure as hell haven't forgotten how hard I had to fight to no longer be her. 

Even now, I fight a tough battle to lose a few ounces let alone a pound per week.  So, the struggles you're facing, I am too.  

However, thanks to consistency and determination I've found eating well and going to the gym as a form of therapy instead of something to be dreaded.  

Working with coaches, trainers, and surrounding myself with others in the health & wellness industry have helped me stay focused and working toward my goals.  As a health coach and personal trainer, this is exactly what I do for my clients.  In fact, if I could move in, cook for you, and be there for each workout I totally would.  That's how dedicated I am to helping each and every client (weight loss, creatives, or personal training) not only reach, but exceed their goals.  

There are mornings that I dread my 20 - 30 minutes of cardio or wish that my workout partners would bail on me for an extra hour of sleep, but I know the moment that I give myself a way out, I'll take it too far.  

Just know that you aren't alone in your journey and if you feel alone, reach out for support! Seek support from your family, friends, hire a coach/trainer (yours truly is available for coaching, and join my free Facebook accountability, support, motivation group!