When we feel out of balance it's often hard to see the areas of our lives that are screaming to be nourished, because it feels like our world is crashing down around us. We've become a society that loves to throw ourselves deeper into our work when our personal lives go sideways. Sometimes our work is the exact distraction that we need and other times it's a way for us to disconnect from what is really wrong. 

Personally, I was and am the type of creative that will throw herself into her work when her personal life takes a shit.  I didn't always know this about myself until I did the Wheel of Life exercise.  On the outside, it appeared that I had it all together, but on the inside I was a mess and didn't know how to dig myself out.  By uncovering the three areas that needed nourished the most, I was able to focus set aside time to give those areas extra T-L-C.  For me, my areas of struggle were are: physical activity, health, and spirituality.  

Above is my real time Wheel of Life.  

Personally my three areas that are in need of nourishment are: 

  1. Spirituality: I haven't been meditating or journaling daily. Since reviewing my Wheel of Life - I've been committed to daily personal development in the form of reading one chapter of a personal development book and boy has it been life changing!  I feel clearer throughout the day and in alignment of how I want to think and feel. 
  2. Career: I've been going through a power struggle between launching my coaching business and maintaining my photography business - my goal is to focus on the work that I love doing in both businesses and continue to focus on growth.  Additionally, I am planning to dedicate one day a week to 100% focus on each of the two businesses. 
  3. Creativity: I've fallen into the trap of only using my camera for only business purposes and not having a personal project.  I'm going to use my journaling and meditation time to let a personal project unfold organically.  

How it works.  The Wheel of Life is broken down into a series of wedges that range from personal to professional categories.  You'll place a dot within each of the wedges and depending on the location of the dot, your level of happiness or discontent will be indicated.  

Once you've determined your three areas that are running smoothly and well nourished, you'll dig into the three areas that are begging for your attention.  You'll also make a small action plan of ways to nourish those areas. 

For example, maybe creativity is suffering and selecting a personal project that you carve out 2 - 5 hours per week to work on will make you feel inspired again.  Or maybe you've let your physical activity fall to the wayside and an series of action steps for you would be to 1) determine the type of movement that you would enjoy engaging in 2) scheduling time for those classes or workouts and 3) actually getting off your butt and attending the class or workout.

By keeping the action steps bite sized and attainable you should be able to incorporate the tiny changes into your life without much hesitation or disruption to your life.  

A few tips: 

  • Do try to radically authentic when determining your dot placement
  • Don't try to fix every part of the wheel at once 
  • Enlist help in the form of an accountability buddy or coach
  • Revisit the Wheel of Life exercise once a month to ensure you are making progress 

Once you've downloaded the Wheel of Life freebie and spent time investigating the areas of your life that you are well nourished and those that are screaming for love... leave a comment below with how you plan to take action!