Today, I attended a Women's in Strength event at the Warhouse Gym. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Warhouse Gym it's owned by Dana and Rob Bailey. Dana won the first ever Ms. Physique Olympia in 2013. This is a pretty damn big deal. More of her story can be found here:



Her winning, her level of success, and level of fame isn't what I admire. I admire that she doesn't give a damn about what the outside world thinks of her. She struggles just like each of us; from feeling like she didn't fit in because of her body type, that excessive amounts of cardio was the way to being fit, and that she questioned getting a boob job only to please competition judges to place higher - not because she felt she needed one. 

She reminded us to embrace who we are, to lift how we want to lift, to eat in a way that fuels our bodies, and to surround ourselves with people who lift us up rather than pull us down. 

As I sat there listening to her story, I began to think about who I am in all of this. Was I happy with my fitness/health lifestyle or was/am I trying to fit into some mold.

Yes, I love my workouts (a mix of HIIT, lifting heavy, and bits of cardio)

No, I am not happy with how I've allowed myself to consume a more flexible non-paleo style diet - because it isn't making me feel well overall and my tummy is bloated from all of the wheat/grains

Yes, I am happy with focusing on a clean whole/paleo foods diet because it fuels me and makes my soul happy. 

No, I am not happy that I felt the need to "fit" into the fitness industry by having a thigh gap, wearing certain clothes, or even ordering hair extensions because everyone else I "followed" had long hair (crazy, I know- I'm a women, what can I say). 

Yes, I am happy that I yanked out my extensions on the drive home, embraced who I am, and decided from this day on... to BE ME no matter what trends are in style! 


Dana also reminded us, that we are in control of CHANGE within ourselves. We have the power to change our mindset, our workouts, our relationship to food, and who we surround ourselves with.

I'll leave you with this: