Logging Workouts

I shared my daily food journal with you last week and wanted to give you a little look into my workout journal.  This journal isn't as structured as my food journal but equally as important.  

Prior to becoming a trainer, I didn't log my workouts and walked into the gym more often than not without a plan and therefore found myself always working legs.  It was my comfort zone and what I could remember easily - I wasn't always right on the weight, but close. 

Now that I am back in action and really focused to my training - I wanted to log my workouts, track weights, and make notes/adjustments along the way. 

Using a grid-style moleskin style notebook I am logging each workout to include:                      sets /reps/modifications. While I am sure there is an app available to do all of the logging, this is quicker and gets the job done. 


I can't wait to flip back through these pages at the end of the four weeks to see my progress.  Not shown is the workout schedule and a place for my starting weight, current body fat and starting weight.