Creating a meditation space

I love being in my meditation space.  When I fold my legs and sit palms up, I feel instantly at ease, stress begins to melt away. And even if I were spiraling downward into a bad day, a few moments in my space can lift me back up again.

Regardless if you choose to meditate or not, you want a space that feels peaceful, scared and allows you to feel comforted.  Pick an area with natural lighting that doesn't require extra artificial light. 

Choose decor for your space that makes it feel beautiful - hang nice tapestries, place flowers somewhere near, fluff up your pillows, and keep lovely things around at all times. Your space should feel refreshing, bright, and joyous. Eliminate clutter, piles or unnecessary items to come into your space. 

It's also incredibly important to keep the good vibes in, and the bad vibes out. Vow to make your meditation space a “good vibes” only zone. Don’t ever go there to pout, to complain, or to mull. If you’re having a rough day, this is where you can leave all of that behind and fill yourself with positive intentions. Let the energy be light, and spacious, and open – not down in the dumps.

Don’t use your space for anything but mindfulness & meditation. You can find somewhere else in your home to eat or read, or talk to your friends on the phone. Allow your space to be sacred, and pure. Only use it to sit in silence, turning inward, and reflection.


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2// Boho Collective




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