I recently began an almost daily post-workout meditation.  This block of time has become one of my favorites when I tune out the world around and allow my mind, body, and soul to fully connect. 

If you think I've gone completely crazy - and am starting to get a little crunchy you might be right.  I've found such inner peace and calmness by taking the time to connect with the text I am reading, meditate and then journaling.  Allowing my feelings and thoughts to move from my mind to paper has been incredibly powerful.  I feel free from the heavy weight of my thoughts and more clarity each time I sit with my legs folded, palms up and eyes close. 


Maybe you aren't ready for mala beads and chanting just yet -  try dipping your toes into the meditation pool by simply picking a personal development book to read and journal.  Meditation is different for everyone - without set rules or guidelines.  To keep it simple start by reading one chapter a day and put pen to paper.  As you find your flow you can add-in longer journaling sessions, meditation, or yoga.