This post might seem like it will contradict my beliefs about shakes, pill, and potions (read that post here) but stay with me.  As a coach, I am approached almost daily with a new company or product to align myself with.  I've plunked down serious cash with trial and error of products with little success until a client/friend from the gym introduced me to Melaleuca The Wellness Company that I fell head over heels for even after I told myself and her that I didn't want to join yet another company.

Here's the difference - I wanted to cut big box shopping out of my life, eliminate toxins from our home, and have one source for my vitamins and protein shakes and bars.  Let me be clear, I CONSUME PROTEIN SHAKES, but as a means to supplement and support an already clean diet.

By joining Melaleuca I have been able to remove trips to the big box stores from my life along with my overspending on bulk products that I don't need and removed temptation from purchasing "demo" items.

Instead, I can sit in my PJ's, sip on coffee and create my monthly order. Some months our order is only for vitamins and other months we are stocking up on protein powders, cleaning products and vitamins.  We can be flexible with our orders without sacrificing quality!  

If you are interested in transitioning your household from toxic chemical based cleaning products and want to incorporate a new line of supplements into your wellness regime shoot me an email ( and we chat about how to get you started!