Sorry, not sorry! 

I am sure there are plenty of coaches and trainers who won't agree with my strong viewpoint, but I am sticking by it.  Hitching your weight loss wagon to a shake, pill or potion might give you the quick fix you've been looking for, but it's likely that over time you'll grow old of the product or the product will fall to the wayside leaving you high and dry.  

How many fads have you gotten involved with, only fizzle within a year or two after it became popular? 

As a former quick fix shake-making, pill popping, potion brewer I sought out every option available to me.  I SPENT thousands - YES! THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS attempting to "quick fix" my weight loss only to discover hard work and commitment would be all I needed for lasting success.  

So before you submit payment for a 30-day supply of shakes or pills ask yourself -


WHY are you throwing your money into a quick fix product when you know the real path is putting in the effort in the kitchen, with your workouts, and personal development?

Wanna know WHY you are still going to buy the quick fix?  It's because you don't want to do the work.  We all want the easy button.  Truth is, I've never read a weight loss success story that didn't involve blood, sweat, and plenty of tears.  In fact, that's what the best stories are made of. Not a product that is filled with sub par ingredients or hyped by already in-shape celebrity promoter.  

Even the contestants on popular weight loss reality shows have regained their lost weight and then some... why because the plan wasn't realistic to begin with - in fact nothing about the show was.  The proof is in my chia seed pudding that if you want lasting weight loss and wellness success you better get crystal clear on what it is you desire and plan for a bumpy ride. 

Harsh - I know... as much as I want to be all zen and meditative, I gotta call it like I see it. Lasting success happens with commitment and dedication to the plan; a plan that works for you based on your bio-individuality.  Within a few weeks of whatever plan it is you choose the honeymoon stage will dry up, you'll be tempted at every turn to give up and your WHY for transforming your life will be what drives you. 

So, if shakes, pills, and potions aren't the answer what is?  

The answers can be found by learning how to fuel and nourish your body using bio-individuality along with a bit of trial and error. Following a plan involves becoming radically realistic with yourself as to what your goals truly are, how much time you can dedicate to preparing your food, setting aside time for workouts, getting enough sleep and being willing to take action every day toward your desired outcome. 

Rather than turn to a quick fix (which we know won't work forever) you'll need to strip apart what it is you are doing currently and assess if the food you are eating and movement you are participating in will help in reaching your goals or put you on a path for sabotage.  

You can eat all of the chicken, broccoli, and rice you want along with bragging about the 100 burpees you do a day won't mean sh*t if you have a poor mindset and aren't willing to get your hands dirty and do the work.  

Next time you get ready to hit buy on a bag of shakes, bottle of pills or mix a weight loss potion think twice and ask yourself... if you've gone down this road before and haven't gotten you desired results... than maybe it's time for a new approach....just sayin'!