Boy, do I wish I could go back in time and not waste as much time and energy I did when I first attempted my journey of health and wellness improvement. Below are the biggest mistakes I've made along the way and how to avoid making them yourself. Some are common sense, but when you feel like you're at the bottom of a huge mountain it can feel easier to throw money at the problem for a quick fix. 


MISTAKE #1:  Throwing money at quick fixes. 

I can't even begin to tell you how many thousands of dollars I spent on shakes and pills that didn't work.  I've literally tried every program on the planet and none of them provided me with the "claimed" results - the only thing I had to show was a depleted bank account. 

Rather than buying into quick fix products, I needed to understand why I was making the poor food choices I was, along with understanding why I couldn't get off my tush and workout.  Until I had a clear understanding as to WHY I was creating these habits, nothing would change no matter the product. 


PRO TIP: Stop spending money on shitty products that don't provide results. Oh and don't even think about calling me a hater because the products didn't work...let's be real for a minute: investing in a program that is attached to a subscription based product more than likely means that you will yo-yo right off the moment you cancel your order!   #boom! 


MISTAKE #2: Waiting until rock bottom before seeking help. 

Some might argue that you need to hit rock bottom in order to muster up enough courage to seek help. Get over yourself, stop being stubborn and reach out for help.  The truth is... if you aren't having success than something isn't working.  End your self-sabotage/yo-yo lifestyle once and for all! Which leads to point #3


MISTAKE #3: Get legit support! 

I'm blown away by the amount of health advice that is provided from those who have little to no knowledge behind being a coach or providing nutritional support.  I've seen this with several MLM business models where their product advocates are called "coaches" when many don't have a certification or education within the health and wellness realm to be calling themselves a coach. 

On a personal note: I shelled out a lot of cash for a custom program (provided by a well-known local trainer) only to request that the program not include grains (it did!) and when I reached out for support, the "trainer" was MIA failing to return calls or texts.

Find a coach that is willing to work with you over the phone, in-person, skype, via email and text.  This is an incredibly vulnerable time in your life and having someone who has been in your shoes and understands your struggle will help you far more than the jacked and ripped Instagram celebrity that just wants "fans".


MISTAKE #4: Not lifting weights soon enough. 

I am going to call out my momma on this one. She embedded into my brain during my teen/high school years that lifting weight would make me bulky.  Sorry momma, that just ain't the case.  I wish I would have explored lifting at a much earlier age and/or at the start of my journey rather than being a cardio junkie. Now, I would rather do burpees than cardio!  


MISTAKE #5: Not sticking to what is working for YOU. 

Once you begin to see success (weight loss, muscle definition, looser fitting clothes, etc), it's easy to take your foot off the gas and revert back to your old ways.  In the past year, I've bounced around from diet to diet - counting macros, dabbling with keto, and even following the crappy diet from Mistake #2. For the three years prior I knew that Paleo worked for me, my lifestyle and my body - yet, I was looking for the next best thing - hey, I'm human and look for the easy button too from time to time. 


MISTAKE #6: A sub category of #5

Don't become fixated on what anyone else is doing.  It's super easy to get sucked the latest fad diet or workout craze.  I fell into this trap by following an excessive amount of fitness people on youtube - hence leading down the road of counting macros and adding confusion to my life.

Unhealthy comparison began to consume me.  Rather than focus on how far I'd come and celebrate my progress, I was was comparing myself to their highlight reel.   I neglected to add that I run two businesses, have a husband, family, and dogs to juggle daily where many of these youtuber's have made their life youtube.  Right or wrong - it doesn't matter - as long as you are sticking with what works for you and aren't comparing yourself to anyone else. 


MISTAKE #7: Giving a damn about what someone else has to say about YOUr diet and lifestyle.

When we (P and I) decided to transition to paleo we took a lot of shit from our family and friends!  At first I let it bother me, but the results (physical, emotional, mental) couldn't be argued. I no longer give a damn if someone is unhappy that I brought my own food or declined plans because my workout or meal prep came first.  Oh and when we take a new recipe to share... we rarely come home with leftovers, so my shit isn't weird after all!