I shared this post in a group for health coaches that I help mentor and have been sharing it like wildfire because I believe it's that important! 


I know, I know... I am a broken record for saying... plan out your week, but in all seriousness it's important.

This morning over breakfast I sat down with my planner to look at September - December which is hands-down the busiest months for everyone!

Back to school, Thanksgiving, the Holiday season, and the countdown to the New Year. Not to mention football season is starting up again.

Take a chunk of time today to open up your planner, google calendar or whatever method it is that you use and start put dates on the calendar.


+Sports / activity practices for your kids
+Football watching parties
+School events (back to school night, homecoming, SAT weekends, etc) 
+ Picture Day at school
+Doctor appointments
+Holiday travel plans
+Days off of school

+ Program launch dates
+ Cart open dates
+ Cart close dates
+ Program start dates
+ Program end dates
+ Weekly newsletters
+ Networking events to attend
+ Webinar dates to host / attend
+ Times you have open for coaching calls
+ Block out time for content development
+ State of YOUR Business Meetings
+ Photo shoot days for recipes, products, etc
+ Social Media planning
+ Order deadlines if you need materials for an upcoming vendor show or event
+ Vendor Shows


A page from Danielle Laporte's Fire Starter Sessions book 

A page from Danielle Laporte's Fire Starter Sessions book 

Did this give me anxiety to think that summer is rapidly coming to an end along with the final months of 2017 - you bet, but I also feel organized and ready to take on the final months of the year.

Another tip: Schedule in your self care / personal development and workouts! Make this a priority because if you don't your end up burning yourself out by trying to serve everyone else!