I've been a little MIA from the coaching part of my life and for a few reasons (some good, some bad)

Let's start with the good.  One of the biggest reasons I've neglected my coaching blog is because I've been busy with the studio construction, designing marketing materials, connecting with models, and planning all of the tiny details (decor, paint colors, products to order), etc. If you aren't sure of what I am referring to with a new studio ----> you can read all about it here


As for the bad.  I had a few unexpected health things pop up in July and August which really sidelined in me in terms of how I was feeling and moving my body. It started in July when I picked up an ameba in my eye from paddleboarding - it was scary to learn how quickly, if untreated, your eye sight could deteriorate or be lost completely.  Thankfully, I bounced back and became an advocate of daily contact lens for paddleboarding! 

Following the eye was a tension in my neck causing nasty throbbing headaches, a popping ear, jaw and shoulder pain.  After a week or so of icing, adjustments, and slathering essential oils all over my neck and ear, I felt a lot better.  Because of the jaw pain and a chip in my front tooth, I had to make a dentist appointment. 

All of this led me to review my less than stellar summer diet.  I'll be fully transparent - Monday - Friday (lunch), I ate really well and in alignment with how I desired to feel, but come the weekends, I treated my body like a garbage can.  My joints were achy, I didn't want to workout, and my stomach was wrecked.  After some soul searching and a major heart to heart with myself, I knew I needed to return to my paleo ways in order to reduce the inflammation and pain in my body. 

When I say, I ate bad - I truly mean ate horribly!  Greasy, fried foods, tons of dairy, a lot of grains and very little color on my plate.  I knew with each bite I was making a horrible decision, but for some reason, I didn't care.  

Fast forward to September 1st, enough is enough!  We made a household decision to get back on track!  I even decided to start training for a 5k.  Even though I made the mental decision to clean up my diet and actually eat in accordance to how I desired to feel, my body needed more time to recover and as I type this... I am still recovering with a bit of a cold, and a groin strain - which for a female is really difficult to do, but when you stop working out and decide to skip a proper warm up and start running on a treadmill this is what you get.  

I've taken a major step back this month and plan to ease into workouts next week provided I am feeling better.  This has been an incredible learning lesson for me to understand what my body is telling me.  If you are experiencing a similar series of health challenges, I suggest that you take a step back to see how they might be connected and evaluate how it might be connected. 

Moving forward, I don't have a plan for my fitness for the first time in about three years.  My hope once the studio construction and decorating comes to an end that my workouts will resume to about 3 or 4 days a week. Until then, I am taking it one step and bite at a time.