We spend a large part of our day thinking about what to eat for breakfast, pack for lunch, and make for dinner is something that happens daily.  It's on repeat in the back of our minds constantly, and for most, it's a point of contention when trying to determine everyone likes/dislikes, what's on sale, the ease of a new recipe, questioning if you have time to make said recipe, and the list goes on.  


The biggest challenge many of my clients face is getting a handle on meal prep.  They think in order to change their relationship to food; countless hours need to spent in the kitchen, endless kitchen gadgets need to be purchased, and strange hard to find ingredients need to be found.  I'm here to tell you that is the further thing from the truth!  

When I was first introduced to clean eating I was a bit overwhelmed, yet amazed at how simple meal prep could be. Then, as I continued my journey into becoming a certified health coach and personal trainer I quickly learned that my clients success would be directly linked to keeping things simple. Overwhelm and time are the two things that often cause people to quit on their dreams; in life, health, and wealth! 


"I knew creating a meal prep kit would solve several problems from helping one trim their waistline while bulking their bank account, but to also re-discover how amazing whole foods taste."  

My three goals for creating the Meal Prep Kit in a box system: 

1 - To eliminate the overwhelm  

I'll hand hold you through the entire process of what is involved with weekly meal prep. You'll have a copy of our exact grocery list, strategies to use for bulk meal prep, and several of our favorite go to meal ideas with recipes. Overwhelm and the kitchen don't mix, if you've seen Hell's Kitchen than you know what I mean. 

2 - Shrink or trim your waistline

If you've stood in the checking lane within the past several years, you know that most magazines claim that ab's are made in the kitchen.  Well, this is rather true.  The foods we eat have the power to help with weight loss, trim our waistlines, and reduce excess body fat.  By opting for weekly meal prep you are ensuring that you will stick to your health and wellness related goals because you meals are fully prepped for you.  There is little to no prep work at meal time unless you prepare a fresh salad or steam fresh vegetables.

3- Bulking your bank account

One of the comments I hear often is that it is so expensive to eat healthy and I have to disagree to an extent.  It would be safe to say that the average meal out for two is around $50 - 60 dollars. Take a moment and recall the past week of meals- how many times did you catch yourself opting for a meal on the go, a coffee, or even multiple dinners out.  Creating a solid foundation with weekly meal prep will help to eliminate the excessive coffee runs, meals on the go, and dining out. Plus, when you start to create meals at home you are in the drivers seat of how the food will be prepared and seasoned.