A large portion of our days are spent thinking about what to eat for breakfast, pack for lunch, and make for dinner especially if you come home to a hungry family after a long day at work!  It's on repeat in the back of our minds constantly, and for most, it's a point of contention when trying to determine all of the likes/dislikes, what's on sale, the ease of a new recipe, questioning if you have time to make said recipe, and the list goes on.  

What if meal prep didn't have to be as complicated?  


Five years ago, when we [Patrick and I] transitioned our lifestyle from processed food junkies who relied on delivery and take out rather than putting in the effort to cook. Truthfully, we were confused with how to make healthy choices that didn't break the bank or have us spending hours in the kitchen every night.  It took several attempts of trial and error to find a method that was quick, easy, and sustainable.  

Thankfully, once we began Sunday Meal Prep Sessions

our waistline and bank account thanked us!!!

We are sharing our system with you and let me tell you... it isn't rocket science.  In fact, it is pretty basic, but most allow overwhelm to set in instead of giving weekly meal prep a try.  

So, who are we:  We are a couple who struggled with our weight throughout our entire marriage.  At one point our combined weight would tip the scales at over 500 pounds.  Our meals would rival any holiday spread from massive side dishes to several homemade desserts a week.  It was no surprise that the pounds packed on.  It wasn't until I [Amanda], had a meltdown on the floor of our walk-in closet that the reality of our lifestyle slapped us in the face.  Yet, we would yo-yo diet and attempt to "start Monday" several times a month, but failed to start!  Thankfully, with Patrick's support, I asked for much needed help and transitioned our diet to a clean eating style.  Limited processed foods were included on this plan and the weight fell off.  From there we transitioned to a paleo based lifestyle and have stuck closely to this way of eating ever since. 

Together, we've learned eat in a way that fuels our bodies, but also provides flavor and fun.  We refuse to eat boring food or endless of amounts of chicken and broccoli.  We have truly created a lifestyle that is sustainable and hope to help you do the same!   





What's included:

The Meal Prep Kit in a Box includes: 

  • a quick guide to help you get started
  • a basic shopping list that is filled with whole foods and easy to source ingredients
  • a quick guide of weekly meal ideas to inspire you
  • 10 meal prep containers
  • a meal/fitness journal for tracking your progress. 
  • and access to our facebook community

Our mission is to help you lose weight, choose the right foods to fuel your body for optimal success, cut out excessive trips to the grocery store or fast food joints, and flex your culinary skills. While still living life, enjoying meal time with your family, and eliminating the struggle of what to eat!