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The truth is... you'll know when you are ready to undergo a lifestyle overhaul and rushing the process won't serve you or anyone else.  I'm going out on a limb to say,  since you are here,  you are thinking that the time is NOW!  As you scroll down the page, you'll see that I've gathered a few of my favorite articles, recipes, and how we can work together to eliminate the overwhelm and get you on your way to a lasting lifestyle transformation.  



We've become a society that doesn't move enough - we look for the closest parking spots, take the elevator instead of the steps, and use a remote to change channels. 

Many of us sit on our tush for the vast majority of the day only to come home to retire to our lazy boys for the evening.  The thought of movement is vastly overlooked - imagine being able to reduce stress, increase energy, and boost your mood without popping a pill or dropped $5 on a latte - try 20 - 30 minutes of cardio on for size.  

Movement is key and it doesn't have to be something to dread.  Walk the dog, walk next to your kiddos as they ride their bikes around the neighborhood, walk the beach, or dust off the treadmill.  You'll be amazed at how quickly your energy and mood improves and how your waistline starts to respond. 

A few articles to help you create a plan for incorporating movement into your day to day routine


Personally, I think that movement is actually the easiest part of any health and wellness transition. Food on the other hand, can be a major struggle.  We are marketed to from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed with less than stellar nutritional options.

Next time you are watching TV count the amount of food related commercials shown.  It's unreal the amount of cash that companies are throwing into minute long food and snacks commercials and we are falling for their crafty wording and pretty packaging by using our dollars to support their message.  

Often we associate eating healthy with chicken, broccoli, and brown rice.  Of course those can be delicious options, but day in and day out... give me a break.  As a self proclaimed foodie and my own weight loss success story, I refuse to eat boring food and neither should you.  

Welcome to my kitchen!  I'm all about incorporating whole foods into my style of eating and not sacrificing taste or creativity!  

A few of my favorite articles and recipes: 



Coming from someone who has attempted every single possible weight loss system on the market, the ONLY "system" that worked for me was working 1-on-1 with a coach.  

For 12-weeks, I met with my coach weekly to review my food choices, troubleshoot potential challenges or pitfalls for the week ahead, and had support every bite and step of the way.  Having her support changed my life and led me to becoming a coach! 

I would love to help you find the same LASTING success that I did.  To get started, let's schedule a discovery call to get a clear understanding of your goals, current struggles, and create a plan of action for making your goals a reality. 

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