I'll be honest, when I was first introduced to Melaleuca The Wellness Company, I was skeptical at best.  Thankfully, I tossed my reservations to the side and learned all I could about this company and fell in love. As someone who is health & wellness focused my alignment with a company had to check off several boxes.  

#1 -Detoxing our house of chemical cleaners was a top priority! 

(and had to make our house sparkle!)

#2 - 

Ability to incorporate vitamins into our daily routine with pre-sorted packs


3 - One stop shopping for all of our sports nutrition needs to include protein powder, bars, bcaa's, and creatine

#4 - Gluten Free and Soy Free Products  


#5 Access to Essential Oils


6 - Skin care and beauty products that aren't harmful for the skin (it's our largest organ after all!)

7 - Had to eliminate any need to go to a big box wholesale store 

8 - 400+ products to choose from (I didn't need a specific number, but I didn't want to be limited to only a few products to choose from)

 I've been quietly using these products for over a year before sharing because I wanted to make sure that they were the real deal!  

Another reason I fell in love with Melaleuca The Wellness Company is that we AREN'T spending additional money every month instead we TRADED where we spent our dollars.  We are no longer walking the aisle of a big box store spending more money on things we don't need because we were tempted or distracted,  our order arrives monthly to our door step with products we need & USE!  

If you are interested in chatting with me about incorporating Melaleuca products into your home please send me an email (amandakraftwellness@gmail.com) as I'd love to see how I can help you transition your home to a chemical free zone or select nutritional products to help support your weight loss goals! 

One last note:  Are the products perfect?  No of course not!  There won't be a perfect solution for everyone, but I do believe that Melaleuca can bridge the gap for so many households.