Do you feel like you are in a hamster wheel spending more time WORKING ON  your business instead of having the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY you thought being your own boss would bring? 

  • Are you overwhelmed by the responsibilities and tasks of being a business owner?
  • Have you lost yourself in your business? 
  • Have you traded eating well & moving your body for endless hours at the computer?


Let me share a secret... you aren't alone!  So many creatives struggle juggling the demands of running a business while trying to balance day-to-day life! It's so easy to become lost in your business when you are trying to be "on" for everyone else, yet you are trying to hide the fact that you are running on empty, packed on a few pounds, and are just trying to keep your head above water. 


I have a solution for you, it might not be easy, in fact it might be uncomfortable but...


It's time to


So what makes me a guru on health and wellness for creatives?  At the age of 20, I launched a business that took off faster than expected!  Within 2 years of opening my business I became a full-time wedding photographer traveling up and down the East Coast & Internationally.  As my business expanded at a lightning fast pace so did my waist line.  I packed on 60+ pounds, fueled myself with carbs & junk food, and my only form of exercise was photographing a wedding or greeting our Fedex driver when deliveries arrived.  

The truth was...I was showing up for everyone but myself.  My clients & business took priority as I as took the back seat.  It wasn't until I hit my breaking point on the floor of my walk-in closet that I realized change was required not only for me, my business, but also my crumbling marriage.  It was then I sought help to overcome my weight gain, created boundaries within my business, worked to repair my marriage, and finally become the business owner I had always dreamed of becoming.  

All of this led me to restructuring my business to support my personal goals; health, wellness, spirituality, and relationships.  I began to transition away from wedding photography and focus on helping women embrace their own definition of beauty through fashion inspired portraits. At the same time my curiosity for health & wellness grew and I decided to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition to help other creatives overcome similar struggles or to avoid them all together. And since my personal form of therapy is lifting weights I received my Personal Training Certification with ISSA and become a personal trainer within a commercial gym for two-years working with about 20 clients a day. 

I see so many creatives (new and established) struggling & my heart breaks because that was me -  a girl with a dream of being a business owner that fueled my creative soul, but I hadn't planned on my business depleting me and almost costing me my health, wellness, and marriage!  If you are a creative who is struggling keep up with their to-do list, meet their clients needs, fulfill their creative fire, and still have a healthy dinner at night and make it to yoga or the gym more than to sign up or cancel their membership - you've come to the right place! 

I share it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I openly share what has worked for me as a business owner & on my quest for living my healthiest life.  My deepest hope is that you find comfort in my stories and realize that you aren't alone as a creative business owner and have the guidance to apply what has worked for me into your life and business to have similar success. 



Welcome to Coaching for Creatives by Amanda Kraft

My promise as a coach... to help you reclaim your health and wellness while running a business that lights your soul on fire.  We will bust through problem areas and create a blueprint for lasting success and a foundation you can always CALL HOME.




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