Documenting our somewhat daily life

A few years ago I was introduced to Project Life (a quick & easy way to scrapbook using the pocket method) and fell in love. As a photographer and documenting the lives of everyone else I quickly realized that we weren’t documenting our lives. (And that was also partly due to my poor body image). Yet, when I began creating spreads and pages I found that our lives weren’t as boring as I had thought and weight was just an excuse.

Of course, like most things, life got in the way and I stopped documenting. Well - I was documenting with my phone (which I hate). Sorry, not sorry - but the idea that the camera on my phone is better than a DSLR is bananas. The images are crap and don’t compare. Again, sorry - not sorry. Let me rephrase - the images on a phone remind me of a disposable camera - good for what it is, but at the end of the day, I want to create from the perspective of my eye and not holding a phone at arms length away from me. Okay, I am really on the soap box… moving on.

The idea to begin a new Kraft/McGary scrapbook came from a few pins floating around my homepage on Pinterest. I went down the bunny hole and am ready to start creating a mixed media (analog and digitally) designed album and I can’t wait to bring our story to life rather than collecting virtual dust!

Instead of having to open photoshop, I’ve decided to use Canva as the design platform to bring our scrapbook to life. Having a cloud based program makes the process really easy and I can design when I have a few moments of downtime on my laptop, pixel, or even iPad.

The page size I’ve been playing around with is 6x8 - however, finding a scrapbook in that size is proving to be a bit of a challenge so the search will continue.