My full-time gig

Health and wellness hasn’t always played the role in my life that it has within the past 4 years. Prior to attending IIN, becoming a personal trainer and exploring the world of wellness I was and still am a full-time photographer.

For as long as I can remember and as cliche as it sounds, photography and becoming a photographer was all I thought of. I always dreamed of traveling and documenting the world through my lens. After college graduation I had dreamed of moving to NYC and pursuing a fashion photography career, but instead I met my husband and launched AKP in 2003.

As it happens for many photographers I was asked to photograph a few weddings for family friends and created a full time career traveling up and down the East Coast and Internationally photographing weddings & events. When I wasn’t traveling I was photographing Lancaster County High School Seniors. Side note: I actually dreamed of moving to NYC and becoming a fashion photographer instead of wedding & portrait photographer.

In 2014, I decided to take a brief hiatus from photography to explore the world of health & wellness but if I am being fully transparent, my heart & soul never felt as complete as it does when am behind my camera and working with my clients.

So, that’s it… my full time gig is being a photographer who helps women embrace their own definition of beauty.

Last October (2017), I was able to turn the key and step into my own natural light studio just outside of Downtown Lancaster. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a studio space to play & create until my heart is content and after 14+ years in the photography industry that dream has come true.


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