Going Gluten Free

When we came back from North Myrtle Beach in early November I was feeling incredibly off. My body ached, my right eye twitched uncontrollably, my brain fog was in full force, I was sleepy all of the time and my rib cage was tender to the touch.

I was experiencing all of the symptoms of someone who struggles with gluten sensitivity and after doing my own experiment I went gluten free. Within three weeks of removing gluten from my diet; my inflammation reduced dramatically, my sleep improved, brain fog lifted, and my eye twitching came to a halt.

Allow me to go on record and say I did not seek medical advice for doing this. I simply listed to my body, tracked my mood & symptoms and it was clear to me that gluten + me needed to break up.


To confirm my theory - we attended a holiday party hosted by a family member who is a fantastic chef and the menu was everything I loved. Pasta, seafood enchiladas, and homemade pirogies all of which were full of wheat. Sunday morning I woke up to eye twitches, feeling sleepy, and a bit of inflammation.

It’s safe to say that my body is much happier on the gluten free diet than having wheat based meals.

So far, I’ve done the typical transition to gluten free buying everything I normally would just in the gluten free form. As this journey continues I will be sharing recipes, product reviews, and menu items I’ve enjoyed that are gluten free.