When I first learned about bullet journaling in 2016 I fell in love due to my slight obsession with stationary, all things office supplies, and being a creative. Over the past few years I've created several bullet journals, but finally decided to create one specific to my health and wellness journey.

I love being an old school planner with pen and paper. It's the only way I can be consistent and keep myself accountable. I love the scrapbook / diary feel and freedom that a bullet journal creates. Plus, it's my creative outlet. I spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at various layouts and settled on the one below. There are a few tweaks to be made for next week, but overall - the layout is simple, minimal, and does the job.



On the left page: I have included the June calendar and highlighted the current week along with four weekly goals that are specific to wellness. Followed by a section for each day of the week that lists my workout for the day and the exercises. I include the rep range, number of sets, and the # of weight used. I've also added a box "WINS FOR THE WEEK" to track non-scale victories!

At the time of the photo, I had not finalized the rest of my workouts for the week. This will be completed based on my schedule and will make those adjustments on the fly. I am aiming for daily cardio in the form of spinning and/or training for a 5k. Additionally, I want to add a day of yoga/stretching. Sunday will be a reset (diet) and rest day before kicking off the week again on Monday.

On the right-hand side I've included a quote at the top of the page and running down the left column is my meal plan along with a grocery list and water tracker.



Original Layout Credit: sourced on Pinterest