Grab a coffee, green juice, or tall glass of water and get comfy.  If you aren't a fellow creative you might still find interest in what I am about to share. 


Allow me to start off by saying I am a multi-passionate and potentially serial entrepreneur.  I love owning businesses, creating business + marketing plans, and working with clients so this new venture isn't as much of a stretch as it might seem to those of you who do not know me personally. 

Back in 2013, I hit rock bottom - while my photography business was booming with 30+ weddings a year and 60+ high school senior clients on paper everything looked amazing - however, I was struggling inside.  My weight was OUT OF CONTROL, I struggled to sleep and couldn't seem to get ahead of my to-do list. Working out was a long wedding day or photo shoot.  As my business expanded so did my waistline.

Let me be crystal clear... these were choices I was making with how I was running my business. 

I remember the night that I had the biggest meltdown of my life, I was surrounded in clothes that didn't fit and I could no longer mask my weight gain with killer shoes or a flashy handbag.  I needed help - A few weeks later I took my 200+ self to meet with a nutrition coach and began changing my life - one bite and step at a time. 

By enrolling in a 12-week nutrition program I had to show up for myself - by changing my diet (saying goodbye to excessive sugar, soda, and carbs) and moving more than to greet FedEx when I had a delivery.  At the end of the 12-weeks, I had lost 20 pounds and took back control of my business by establishing boundaries, work hours, and saying no to projects that simply didn't align with me. 

After sharing my successes and nudges from the universe, I decided to go back to school to become a Holistic Health Coach and eventually a personal trainer.  As I continued to educate myself and transform I would go on to lose 60 pounds and dramatically change the relationship I had with my business, food, movement, and life. 

What I didn't expect was the impact that my journey would have on my fellow photography and creative friends and even a few clients.   


I am officially offering Coaching for Creatives!


I am beyond excited and inspired to coach creative business owners who juggle so many projects, tasks, events, deadlines and everything in between on a daily basis yet can't seem to find the time or support to put themselves first.  

What does this mean for my new studio, current and future photography clients? Nothing is changing, I am still photographing clients (new and former), but am adding support to my fellow industry members so they don't fall into the same pitfalls I did.