Did you know that what you do in the first 30 minutes of your day can actually set the tone for the entire day ahead of you?

Are you a snoozer with the best of intentions to get up earlier in the morning so you aren’t running out the door without breakfast? Or maybe you hit snooze followed by reaching for your smartphone only scroll through social media to see what you missed overnight and lose track of time and a 10-minute snooze becomes 20 minutes late?!

You aren’t alone… many others start their day the same way.

Back in March, I decided that I needed to break from hitting snooze and my morning social media habit.  This habit wasn't benefiting me and I found myself wasting so much time following the lives of celebrities and people who I began comparing myself too.  


It wasn't healthy, productive, or beneficial by any means.  So, I made the decision to stop hitting snooze or reach for my phone first thing in the morning.  I'll be honest, I slipped up a few mornings, but once I worked out how I'd spend my first 30-minutes of the day everything changed.  

Monday - Friday my alarm goes off around 6am.  I get up to let the dogs out (we have two great danes, Jax & Winston) and pour myself a large iced coffee and move into our "office". I open the curtains at our bay window and sit in my favorite chair with my coffee, journal, and a book.  

I dedicate the first few minutes to journaling - sometimes I only write an entire page and other days I write several pages - when I feel good I stop writing.  I read one chapter of my personal development book and then I go about my morning. 

My morning is about 90% personal development focused.  After I finish the First 30 Minutes, I head down to our home gym and start with a cardio-up warm and plug into youtube personal development and while I shower I listen to podcasts.  By doing this, I am choosing the messages and thoughts running through my head rather than getting caught up in social media, politics, etc. 

Easier said than done right?  Of course!  In order to change the snooze button or reach for your tech device you 

So… how do you break the habit. Well, you commit to spending your first 30 minutes of the morning to being productive for yourself. You could spend those first 30 minutes meditating, stretching, journaling or simply making a delicious green smoothie and sitting in the peace and quiet gathering your thoughts for the day ahead. This means no social media, news, email, or electronics.

Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes…

Amanda Kraft