Have you ever been moving and grooving toward your health and wellness goals only to be halted by the scale?

Ugh, I know the feeling! It’s discouraging and deflating, but don’t lose hope. All of your hard work isn’t going unnoticed even if the digital read out on your scale isn’t moving in the direction you’d hoped.


Ask yourself…

… I feeling better?

….are my clothes looser?

….has my energy level increased?

… I enjoying restful nights of sleep ?

….has my zest for life returned that was once missing?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions then your hard work in the gym and in the kitchen is going to good use. As someone who has lost 40+ pounds, but hasn’t seen the scale move in two years in any significant amount, I can say that I feel stronger, faster, and more energized at 36 than I ever did at 28 even when the scale was dropping constantly. The scale won’t take those feelings away from me.

However, when I started to feel defeated or want to dive head first into a cup of froyo, I ask I truly doing everything I could be doing to see the results I desire on the scale?


Truth is… we become comfortable, we receive compliments on how our body is transforming- we feel confident and tend to take our foot off the gas pedal.

Perhaps you’ve recently started to go out to dinner with friends once a week and instead of splitting an appetizer with the table you’ve started to order one of your own in addition to your meal consuming extra calories without realizing it.

Or maybe you are attending a family gathering with grandma and her famous pie that you couldn’t resist so you took the biggest slice instead of splitting it the slice?

Maybe work has gotten into the way of your workouts and you aren’t getting in as many workouts per week as you’d like.



When I was personal training, I often hear the struggle and disappointment in my client’s voice all too often when the scale isn’t playing nicely. In most cases the reason for a stull is because we aren’t being a mindful of our eating or workouts.

From time to time the scale does halt due to stress, lack of sleep, or shockingly; our bodies become used to what we are doing and aren’t burning as many calories. If the scale has not moved in weeks or months, than we should talk! Let’s see if there is a greater underlying issue at play. In the meantime, get back to keeping a food journal to log each meal and snack throughout the day to make sure you aren’t mindlessly eating an extra serving of carbs or overindulging at happy hour. Switch up your cardio - if you’ve been logging miles on the treadmill try using an ARC trainer or a spin bike to challenge yourself. And, last but not least, give yourself a break!


What we dwell on tends to manifest itself - focus on the positives!

Don’t forget to re-take your measurements and progress photos. Remember the scale can be unforgiving and you might be thinking of throwing in the towel when in reality you’ve been transforming in the way of inches lost without even knowing it!

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