When I started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks - my initial goal was to avoid prescriptions completely and opt for the most holistic approach. After speaking with my doctor we decided that I should work with a prescription for a few months to keep my anxiety at bay was the best course of action. Still, I wasn't convinced medication would be the answer and continued my quest for a holistic options.



After sharing my anxiety symptoms with a few friends, they suggested the using CBD oils.

Incorporating CBD oil has been incredible for not only managing my anxiety, but also improved mental focus and sleep quality. Currently, I am using My Soul CBD and am loving the 500mg peppermint option.  Our pups are also taking their pet blend at 250mg in bacon flavor. 

I should also mention that I was a nightly sleep-aid user and couldn't even attempt to go to bed without taking an over - the - counter sleeping pill or dosage of liquid sleep aids. While the pills and potions claimed to be non-habit forming, a habit was created and since transitioning to the oil I haven't had the need for any other sleep aids.

My dosage has been two - four drops under my tongue before bed and wake feeling incredibly rested, if I am feeling a little stressed or my anxiety peaks during the day, I take two drops under the tongue. The next purchase I intend to make will be for a balm or salve to use to aid in recovery from workouts and training.


Let's chat about the benefits to CBD: 

Personally, I've been attracted to CBD to aid in settling my anxiety but CBD can also help aid in inflammation reduction, pain, joint and muscle relief, digestion, and provide assistance to overall health.  

How to use CBD: 

Everyone is different so your needs/dosage may vary - but you can ingest CBD by taking a dropper under the tongue or add a few drops to your coffee or tea.  CBD can also be in a balm or muscle relief cream which is great for those who workout or suffer from joint pain.   

Why I chose to align myself with Soul CBD:

Let's be honest... I'm a girl and love pretty things so the packaging really drew me into the line, but more importantly the creators behind the line were a huge factor.  Soul was created by a world class athlete and a fellow holistic health coach.  Plus, their entire line is THC free!