You can have all of the education and certifications in the world...

…but if you don't have heart it's meaningless. 

I've been on a hamster wheel since 2015 trying to make holistic coaching work. I've invested a ton of cash in courses and working with mentors along with spending countless hours designing a website, sending out weekly newsletters and trying to come up with a witty caption to accompany photos on social media. 

I've downloaded my fair share of 6-figure blueprint plans from top coaches in hopes to find a magic bullet for making this coaching thing work. I kept telling myself it shouldn't be this hard, I am educated, I have certifications, but what I failed to see is that I didn't have heart. 

You see, coaching isn't my first love or my second. While I loved studying health & wellness as a hobby or outlet from my creative life, it doesn't t inspire me like my first love, photography. 

I can't go a day without dreaming up a new photoshoot concept, styling a client, or scouting a location. With coaching, those feelings never tugged at my heartstrings or made me feel alive. So there it is... all out in the open. 

Part of me thought why is this even important to share, but then it dawned on me that so many people stick with shit they don't like simply because they paid for it or because they are trying to make someone else happy or proud. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, only yourself and if your heart isn't in it (whatever IT is) run toward whatever does set your soul on fire. 

For me, what lights me up and makes me happy is being a photographer. It's WHO I AM since my first introduction to a 110 camera in the gift shop at Dutch Wonderland to taking photos at Penn State games with an old film 35mm camera that wouldn't work below 40 degrees and now with the opportunity to travel the world with a laptop and digital camera. I hope that my passion for photography never dies and that I am able to press the shutter until my final days. 

Find a career or hobby that gives you the same feeling and never let it go.

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