New Year, New Habits

Everyone is in full NEW YEAR, NEW YOU mode and while I do love a brand new year I am struggling with the new YOU part. When I was personal training, January was always a sudden influx of new clients coming in wanting to be all gung-ho with their resolutions only to fizzle out by Superbowl Sunday.

Committing to a NEW YOU is a major undertaking and most who attempt will fail - this isn’t to be a buzzkill, but the honest reality. My suggestion is to break up with your old, bad habits. You aren’t broken or need fixed, instead you need to break up with your old ways. Our habits are what ultimately define us.

The habit of sleeping in because we stayed up too late watching tv, the habit of skipping a workout because the weather is bad or the habit of choosing a unhealthy carryout because you don’t feel like cooking something healthy.

All of these things are habits that we’ve fall victim too and don’t be too hard on yourself - it’s super easy to do and we all at one point of the year fall into a bad habit and/our routine. (keep reading for my tips on how to breakup with your bad habits)


If you want to uncover a NEW YOU, you need to form NEW HABITS.

How does someone do this? You crowd out the bad habits and start with easy BETTER habits.

  • Does your barista know you by your car? - Dust off your coffee pot and make a to-go coffee at home (saving your time, calories, and money)

  • Instead of eating lunch out every day - Brown Bag It Instead

  • Not eating enough veggies - Give smoothies a try to pack in veggies (download the smoothie lovers guide here)

  • Keep skipping your workouts - Maybe it’s time to find a new type of workout or an accountability buddy to re-spark your love for moving your booty!

  • Claiming you don’t have enough time, but you’ve seen the latest episode of GOT, Outlander, FBI, all three Chicago’s (Med, Fire, PD), and Big Bang from this week?

    • You, my friend, have time to meal prep, workout, read personal development, get a handle on your budget, clean your house, take the dog for a walk, and still be able to catch up one of the episodes above. Trust me… I know this one first hand!

My point to all of this is… we fall into a pattern of bad habits because life gets in the way, it’s human nature and it can be corrected. Start with simple basic changes and you will begin to crowd out a handful of bad habits in no time.

Remember, you don’t need a brand new YOU, instead focus on creating an improved YOU!