A few Friday’s ago we needed to grab groceries for the upcoming week - after work we decided to knock out dinner and grocery shopping at the same time by grabbing burgers from the Burger Bar at our new Wegmans.

Patrick and I both ordered the American Classic Burger - Beef burger, ketchup, mustard, pickles, American cheese, toasted brioche roll. I opted for a gluten free roll instead of a toasted brioche roll that came with the burger.

The burgers were awesome and the gluten free roll was so-so. I struggle with GF rolls because they often crumble and this was the case. I am not sure if a toasted roll might have worked better - next time I will skip the roll all together or consider buying a pack of gluten free wraps before we order and make a burger wrap instead.

The Tuscan Fries were about the size of a heaping medium and really tasty. I am not sure if the same fryer was used for any of the other menu items that could have caused cross contamination, but for me - I have yet to experience any issues if items are cooked in the same fryer.

All in all - I’d give the Burger Bar a thumbs up! Just knowing ahead of time that the roll - might crumble and it might be wise to buy another roll or wrap ahead of time.